523 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, V1Y 6N9
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Hoolala Chicken Café is a new Korean restaurant located in downtown Kelowna. We are famous for our authentic Korean barbecue chicken and seafood made with authentic seasonings. Come in and relax in our comfortable seating or take your meal home with you. We use only premium fresh chicken, then add a fresh and tasty side dish to complete your meal.
Download our MENU for prices, photos, and a full list of selections.


Start your meal with one of our amazing appetizers. Seaweed salad, green salads, Mandoo dumplings and seafood balls are some of your choices. For the adventurous spirit, we serve delicious fried squid and octopus.

Menu Favs

*Try our locally famous Cheese Barbecue – a sizzling dish of melted cheese, chicken and spices.
Original Seasoning Chicken (Yangnyeom), Garlic Seasoning Chicken, Red Hot Chicken, Soy Sauce Fried Chicken, Snow Cheese Fried Chicken, Our Incredible Chicken Wings, Sweet and Sour Chicken
Crispy Chicken – crispy and tender, served with fries and rice cakes. A neighbourhood favourite.

Korean Alcoholic Beverages

Soju is a clear, colourless distilled rice liquor from Korean. Soju is the no. 1 best selling liquor by volume in the world! There’s a reason for that – the amazing taste! The main ingredient of Soju is rice, almost always in combination with other ingredients such as wheat, barley, or sweet potatoes in alcohol content from 10% to 25% proof. It was first known to have been distilled around 1300 A.D.

Original Flavoured – Peach, Apple and Citron

We also have Korean beer and “Makgeolli”, a carbonated traditional Korean rice wine.

Hoolala Chicken Café

523 Bernard Ave. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada V1Y 6N9

523 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, V1Y 6N9

Nice clean restaurant with cheap food and friendly staff and not too busy making this place a hidden gem. I love Hoolala. Alex Staszak

Great service, nice place, best chicken tenders. Love it! Joanna Faith

Would go again in a heartbeat. The BBQ cheese chicken dish is great. Dan P

Very clean and spacious location. Not really a cafe, but fantastic food. Everything is for sharing and the portions are huge. Good flavour and service. John M

Love the food. It’s really authentic to Korean fried chicken and other dishes. I highly recommend to someone that wants to try something different and some Korean food. Steve Scarr

Wonderful foodie experience! Highly recommend their cheesy BBQ and rice cake platters and seafood. Brightly lit restaurant with helpful and friendly servers. Mimi Hoang

Amazing foodie experience! Such a bright clean place with super friendly staff. Meat, cheese, seafood and more. My son loves the octopus. Definitely worth a visit. Amy Martens

From the outside I was expecting a dark small shop but once I walked inside I thought it was a very clean and comfortable atmosphere. The service was exceptional; our server was very attentive and polite and helpful. The food was delicious and our server told us they use mostly local, fresh ingredients which is just awesome. Baby/child friendly too! I will definitely return and recommend to others. Anna Leda

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